Account Setup

Account Setup

Welcome to

Anyone who wants to register into you have to continue with some following  rules:

v  At first you have to go to the Home page of

v  After opening the page you have to click on “Service”. Now go to the “Seller Service” and click on “Account Setup”.

v  Account Setup page will be open and at the bottom you will get the “Register” option. Apart from this you can also register simply by clicking on the “Register or Sign in” (right corner of your screen) at the home page.

v  Then fill all your personal information such as 1st name, last name, phone no., valid email id & password click to Log In.

v  After log in an email will be sent on your given email, please check it and verify.

v  Then you will get your log in page and after logged in your account profile will be opened.

v  Please notice your profile right side and click on “Account” (located in the middle of Address and Payment).

v  After clicking you will get a seller or service account, please activate the “Seller Account”.

v  Then you have to fill all the information that are given below. They are Company name, your category, origin and a short description about your company not more than 150 to 200 words.

v  And finally please send the request.

v  Then please put your available address whether it is Personal/ Office/ Shipping/ Billing address.

v  Your seller account is activated completely.

v  Then when you tend to Log Out please click to the profile picture on your right screen and you will get the log out option.